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PT. Prana Argentum reliable pest control company that serves of fumigation services, analysis, surfey and packing. Fumigation itself can be interpreted as a pest control technique by incorporating ruagan gas in a closed, airtight with a sufficient level of concentration and a specified time. Our company has a standard of competence and standard operating always be an audit every year by the Agriculture Quarantine Agency / Plant Indonesia.

The main services that we do is good fumigation FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load), Packing and other services which affect this field. We also can serve laboratpriumm analysis for goods to be exported / imported with a base in Surabaya.

For our mendukungjasa, PT. Prana Argentum has a superior and competent personnel always done Competence refreshed annually. It aims to improve customer satisfaction and consumer confidence. We are a professional can perform fumigation treatment using raw materials and ketenmtuan as follows;

         1. Methyl Bromida                                              (for non-food commodities)
         2. Phosphine                                                         (to crops or food)
         3. Sulfuril Flourida & Methyl Bromida        (pest control warehouse as replacement)

PT. Prana Argentum Surabaya is accredited company in Australia Accreditation Scheme (AFAS) with the register number AFAS ID 0018 that was released April 15, 2004 and became Acceptable treatment Indonesian Provider. The above data can be accessed at http:/www.agricultur.gov.au.

As a fumigation company PT. Prana Argentum integrated with the port terminal, depot treatment and so forth as a provider and supporter does fumigation. Below is the business partner PT. Prana Argentum,

         1. Terminal Teluk Lamong
         2. Depo Surabaya Sejahtera
         3. PT. Yasa Bali Sujati
         4. PT. Eka Manunggal Sejahtera
         5. CV. Surya Mandiri Utama


PT. PRANA Argentum Laboratory established under license by the Director General of Fair Trading Indonesia by virtue of Allegedly as The Quality Analysis Laboratory Trade No. 086 / DAGLU / KP / VII / 92 dated July 30, 1992, in Jakarta.

PT. PRANA Argentum LABORATORY assigned by the Director General of Fair Trading Indonesia as The Commodity Trade Sampler Bodies by virtue Decree No. 087 / DAGLU / KP / VII / 92 dated July 30, 1992, in Jakarta.

PT. PRANA Argentum LABORATORY accredited by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) as the accessor of the National Standardization Agency Committee by virtue of Decree No. 3350 / BSN-IV / KS / 12/00 dated December 22, 2000, in Jakarta and we have a lab Analytic Code Number (certificate attached).


We work for industry, shipping companies, banks, exporters, importers, insurance, etc.

As an agent for INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING MANOR (Worldwide Maritime Presentation and Survey On Cargo Ship)

TAYLOR correspondence with PEST CONTROL, Caern-Queensland, Australia.

Head Office

Jl. Kalianget No.126 Surabaya
Phone : 99091991, 99018778 ,99021411
Fax : +62 31 3544171
email : prana_surabaya@yahoo.com.sg


Jl. Sutan Syahrir No.17, Pahoman, Bandar Lampung
Contact Person : Mr. Sigit
Phone/Fax : +62 721 258343